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China Electronics Import and Export Corporation by Beijing Finance Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Beijing Industrial Promotion Bureau commissioned the "promotion in Beijing

Bringing home appliances Products ( Microwave ovens ) Project "in-country public tender.
I. Project Name: Beijing to promote Home Appliances Countryside products (microwave) project
2, Tender Reference: 0714-EMTC-3277 / 4 3, Project Description: This project tender for the promotion of home appliances to the countryside, Beijing products (microwave) tender. Approved by the State Council, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Technology Ministry decided to start from February 2009 to carry out work across the country bringing home appliances. According to Beijing Municipal Government issued 2009 5, "the General Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government make the city home appliances to the countryside to work notice", the promotion of home appliances to the countryside of Beijing products (microwave) project area (including the following areas and county-owned town and village): Chaoyang District, Fengtai District, Haidian District, Mentougou, Fangshan, Tongzhou District, Shunyi District, Changping District, Daxing District, Huairou District, Pinggu, Miyun County, Yanqing County. Main contents: According to the new trends in rural consumption upgrade, organization of industry and commerce, development, production characteristics for rural consumption, performance, reliability, quality assurance, environmental protection, affordable home appliances, and provide circulation to meet the needs of farmers and after

Service . On the implementation of local farmers to purchase household appliances microwave products to rural areas, by the way of the Beijing Municipal finance to direct subsidies by 13% of sales price subsidies, in order to enhance the purchasing power of farmers to speed up rural spending to upgrade and expand rural consumption, and promoting the coordinated development of domestic and external demand .

Four qualified bidders: 1. Tenderer must be legally registered, have strong self-capacity microwave oven business, and in the Beijing area has a certain sales volume, production, management and logistics capabilities adequate to protect the implementation of this project;

2. For the legal representative of the same person two or more legal entities, the parent company, wholly owned subsidiary and its holding company (holding 50% or more), not at the same tender;

3. Tenderer should cast the brand of its own brand [such as the bidder cast the brand of its parent company (parent company response to its holding 50% or more) of all, the bidders access to the brand valid authorization of the owner, he may be tender to use the brand; as cast by the bidders for the brand wholly owned subsidiary of subsidiary (holding 50% and above) All the bidders brand owners valid authorization, he may be tender to use the brand], the same brand can only be bid by a bidder;

4. Tenderers are required to have a comprehensive quality management system has to provide stable and reliable quality products. In the past three years the national product quality spot checks, spot checks of the brand product should be qualified, not because of quality problems had caused a major security incidents;

5. Tenderers and tender product manufacturer must have ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, and period;

6. Tenderer should have the perfect service system, with 24 hour free call center;
Service Service capacity to cover the implementation of the project 13 districts and counties;
7. Bidder must comply with state and local government laws, rules, regulations, good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;

8. Tenderer to participate in this tender, the first three years, not in the business activities of major breaches of law;

9. Tenderers can better fulfill corporate social responsibilities in good credit;
10. Tenderers are required to purchase "tender documents" and record them, otherwise ineligible to participate in this tender;

11. This item does not accept the Commonwealth of tendering and bidding imports.
5, the time to buy tender documents, location:
1. Time: February 12, 2009 until March 10, 2009, 9:00 ~ 11:30,13:30 ~ 16:30 (GMT, excluding national holidays).

2. Venue: China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation (No. 23 Fuxing Road, Beijing, electronic building 1217 room, urban and rural trading center on the back).

3. Bidders must purchase "tender documents" and record them, or are not eligible to participate in this tender, tender documents can be electronically downloaded at the following website:; http: / /;
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Promotion Of Home Appliances To The Countryside, Beijing (microwave) Tender Notice - Microwave Ovens

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