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According to "The People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and other relevant provisions of the procurement center of Jinhua City, Jinhua Industry Executives by the commission to conduct an open tender on the desktop computer, please come to the domestic suppliers of qualified bidders.

A tender item number: JHCG2007059-A0302 Procurement organization types: centralized purchasing department

2, tender profile (content, purpose, number, brief technical requirements, etc.):

The device name, the main technical parameters required, the number of: desktop CPU: Athlon3500 + (64 bit) Memory: DDR 1G HDD: 80G (7200 rpm) graphics card: 256M (Independent) Monitor: 17 "flat panel integrated network card, sound card without drive, floppy drive optical mouse: with network transmission, the hardware restore feature 100

For bidding vendor qualification requirements: (1), with domestic valid business license, tax registration certificate, and can bear the civil liability

(B), has a good business reputation, sound financial accounting system

(C), with the perfect after-sales measures to fulfill the contract with the necessary equipment and technical expertise

(4), has been the Inland Revenue (tax, land tax), social security department confirmed that the 2006 tax situation and the proof of payment of social security funds (no taxes that businesses owe)

(5), participation in the procurement activities of the first three years in the business record of no major irregularities

(7), 4000 yuan entire bid bond

Must be at half past five p.m. on July 23, 2007 points (the times are Beijing time) to pay.

4, sale of tender documents for the time and location:

Time: June 25, 2007 to July 23, 2007 (except weekends and statutory holidays)

AM :8:30-11: 30 Pm :14:30-17: 30 Location: 387 South Street Jinhua, August 1, Shun Wah Building, second floor, Room 212

Tender price (yuan): Each of the 500 (IFB)

V. Deadline: July 24, 2007 9:30 AM

6, Tender Location: 387 South Street, Jinhua City, August 1, Shun Hua Building, Second floor auction market

7, opening time: July 24, 2007 9:30 AM

8, Bid Opening Place : Jinhua City, August 1, Shun Wah Tower, 387 South Street, third floor, the second field auction

9, bid security: Bid security: 4000.0 Delivery: cash / money order / Cheque / Bank Transfer /

Collection units (Beneficiary): Development Zone, Jinhua City Branch of China Construction Bank

Bank: Jinhua, Zhejiang faith bid deposit accounts Notary Office

Bank Account: 33001676752053004447 10, other matters: 1, when bidders submit bids to buy the information:

B) a copy of business license (original and photocopy with official seal)

C) level of qualification certificates (original and photocopy of the official seal)

D) Organization code certificate (original and photocopy with official seal)

E) tax registration certificate (original and photocopy with official seal)

F) legal representative of the power of attorney (original)

G) was authorized ID card (original and photocopy)

H) other information. Contact Procurement agency name: Jinhua Municipal Government Procurement Center

Location: 387 South Street, Jinhua City, August 1, Shun Wah Building, second floor

Contact: Miss Yuan, Jin TEL :0579-83187232, 83187210

Fax :0579-83187232

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Desktop Jinhua Tender

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