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Yichun city government procurement center commissioned by the Office of Yichun city government procurement of Yichun city blood bank refrigerated centrifuge, automatic blood analyzer, plate washer, medical refrigerator for domestic public Tender Welcome to have business qualifications and supply capacity of the supply (plant) business to attend.

1, the tender documents No.: JXYCCG-2009-76
2, Tender Name: Yichun Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge, automatic blood analyzer, plate washer, medical refrigerator
The first package: a platform Refrigerated Centrifuge
Second package: automatic blood analyzer 1 set
Third package: washer machine 2 Fourth package: 4 sets of reagent refrigerator
Fifth package: blood storage refrigerator 1 set
3, the bidder's eligibility requirements:
(1), registered in the PRC, an independent legal entity. Manufacturer: registered capital of 100 million (or more). Dealer: registered capital of 50 million (or more).

(2), registered in the industrial and commercial administrative departments with production (operations), the installation of the tender procurement of goods and other related business scope, should be Medical Devices Production license (the manufacturer), medical device license (dealer);

(3), has the ability to assume civil liabilities independently; have a good business reputation and sound financial and accounting system; with the performance of the contract the necessary equipment and technical expertise.

4, the tender fee and deposit:
(1), tender documents price: 200 yuan per bag, express mail service; if mail order, please click the following address remittance (payable to: Yichun City Department of Finance budget

Yichun Shi Gonghang Yuanzhou Branch 1508202209024901359, (indicated in Jinzhang Dan code 2191311001) money order on use of state money, purchased the tender number, and then money orders, according to copies of project name, details of Communicate Address, telephone, fax number and contact fax to Jiangxi Province, Yichun city government procurement centers. Fax No. 0795-3216796)

(2), bid security: the bidder before submission of tender documents the tender to the tenderer to pay deposit: 5000 yuan a whole (bid bond should be submitted before opening and effective home), the recipient: Yichun City Department of Finance Council budget

Yichun Shi Gonghang Yuanzhou Branch 1508202209024901359, (indicated in Jinzhang Dan code 2191311002).
5, Bidding Documents: May 6, 2009 until May 22, 2009, Daily: 8:00? 17:30 (except holidays), expired without selling.

6, purchase of Bidding Documents: Bidding Exchange Yichun City Centre (Ping Road, Yichun City, 157, City Administrative Services Center, second floor).

7, Contact Phone and fax: 0795? 3216796 (fax), 3216783
8, Contact: Wan-zhen, Long Wei-Na, Zhang Jiwei
9. Tender documents submitted by the deadline: 26 May 2009 at 9:00 am.
10, Bid Opening Date: May 26, 2009 at 9:30 am.
11, open, tender place: Jiangxi Yichun Municipal Government Procurement Center (Green Road, Yichun City, 157).
12, procurement information release platform: The Chinese Government procurement network
Note: 1, bids must bring the company business license, tax registration certificate, medical equipment production license (the manufacturer) or a medical device license (dealer), unit or legal tender power of attorney letter of introduction so that materials, tender Proxy ID card, bid bond Jinzhang Dan, the original manufacturer product Sell Power of attorney, the above original certificate must be provided for the qualification. All the original bidding unit, please separate bags, and on May 26, 2009 at 9:00 am before the service, otherwise the tender invalid. Our center will be opening an hour before the qualification.

2, bidders bidding on items in this question, and if found by the tender bidders qualifications or technical parameters of bias or discriminatory provisions exist, in the bidding deadline of seven calendar days to mail or fax The form and Yichun city government procurement center.

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Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge Changchun Yichun Tender Notice - Refrigerated Centrifuge, Tender

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