Appliances To The Countryside Tender: Solar Business More Than 300 Auction

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2010 National Appliances to the countryside

Tender companies before the new tender will be held in Beijing. The tender will be attracted to more than 300 small companies to tender for solar energy to rural areas is the most tender has been involved in an enterprise.

Bidding site, bidding companies are assigned the tender in three venues, I number of product categories for the tender site

TV , Refrigerator , Freezers, cookers, Microwave ovens , Air-conditioning. Come to nearly 80 companies bid; II No. tender product category for the site

Washing machine , Mobile phones, computers, electric water heater, gas water heaters, to come around more than 50 companies bidding.

Solar companies to bid as the number of far more than the first two sites the total number of enterprises,

Solar water heaters Bidding was set up in a single venue. In the bidding process, the solar water heater business is divided into business and the new bid has been successful enterprise, that is, Class A Class B winning new business and tender business. A class of business means that enterprises need to increase the first tender tender tender provinces solar business models, B is a new class of enterprise tender solar energy enterprises. In the scene, the reporter noted that in May last year, many missed the first batch of eligible solar water heater companies bidding on the tender it is very exciting, came to the scene for early.

Enterprises to seize the opportunity to bid

Come to the tender, general manager of Changzhou, Jiangsu, Zhao jin now Solar, said: "I recall the first time last year, solar water heater tender, we did not prepare tender documents, the first successful result of lost time. At that time I thought that only 10 Several companies bid, did not expect the final winning bid was more than 90 enterprises, smaller scale than we are winning the business. Changzhou as the most powerful solar business, did not participate in the tender for the first time, brings a great loss. "Zhao jin still looks a little excited. "Now, all the activities on the solar water heater, we take an active part, not again miss the opportunity. As a company, I value the bid, if successful in our marketing is very beneficial."

According to relevant provisions of the bidding for the 2010 home appliances to the countryside for a maximum bid of 50 types of products, but journalists at the scene found that the tender of solar energy companies are more cautious. Some enterprises that in order to ensure smooth clearance of products, only some of the most confident cast product model to increase the winning odds.

"3C" beneficial to survival of the fittest

Since May 2009 solar water heater industry has been successful enterprise bringing home appliances, home appliances to the countryside to the solar industry to upgrade the policy threshold, the quality of some products, but related, after-sales

Service Imperfect, weak channel construction companies stuck in the "Going down" outside the gate. Today, the market has begun to show the effect of purification, the leading brand's market share has gradually expanded solar water heater industry is in a re-shuffle stage.

2009 11 months, the Ministry of Finance and Commerce have jointly issued a document required from January 1, 2010 started out from a comprehensive mechanism for manufacturers of all successful product from the winning bid within 3 months from the date of the production, or 6 months did not achieve

Sell Will be directly eligible for cancellation of bid. Experts believe that home appliances to the countryside policies will be under the management has intensified gradually improved. Successful business should go all out to do a good job bringing home appliances, not to quick success. Must also consider its own strength, not one-sided pursuit of "full, wide," because once the winning companies were disqualified, will bring a negative impact on business, companies will more harm than good. Some experts also said that if the tender will be able to put a similar "3C" certification standards, up to a certain industry-standard enterprise can all be included, so that more enterprises to enter the "home appliances to the countryside" in the field with some of reach "3C" certification standards of small-scale enterprises with inferior products shut out, "3C" the implementation of standards can promote integration of advantageous resources within the industry, reduce the government difficult to manage and enhance the quality of the process industry as a whole.

The industry hope to increase the number of tender

's Observation, solar home appliances to the countryside this year, the tender will be heard since the end of September on the wind, many companies every day tender notice published in the hope that, after months of hard waiting, finally the last day of 2009 officially announced .

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Appliances To The Countryside Tender: Solar Business More Than 300 Auction

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